Friday, July 20, 2007


I am still walking and immensely enjoying it. The blog was a motivator for me to start walking as exercise and I am proud to say it helped.

It may not be possible to know how many readers got benefit out of my blog, but I was really overjoyed when someone completely unknown advised me to go through this blog.

Probably I am not doing any justice by not updating the space for some reasons. I shall not be in position of updating it in near term too. I think it will be prudent to take hiatus from the blog permanently. I will delete the blog after some time.

Thanks to Blogger for giving me an opportunity to start my journey towards my destination of good health.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Returning with full gusto

I took a rather long rest from this blog, but not from walking. During the period I manage to maintain my weight to a healthy 62kg despite some eating binges. Sometime I wonder what is there if we cannot enjoy some small fun. Indulging in silly sins of eating one pound of ice cream with some good flavor and toppings to make it more welcome may sometime be forgiven.

The main idea is to burn the calories we intake is make the walking more fun. Walking is the easiest way to burn all the unnecessary fats, calories which we accumulate in us by known or unknown ways.

May be the example of ice cream above is way a bit far. We should also keep in mind we should not carry weight which we can not carry. Similarly, we should not intake calories which we can not burn.

Probably it will take few days of three mile walk to burn the ice cream calories. We may have enough time for the purpose or we may not. In the later case we should not eat that much.

So make it a point, to walk three miles a day at least to burn the unnecessary calories we intake by unknown ways with our regular day to day diet.

Keep walking for maintaining your health.

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Monday, January 08, 2007


Form a club if you have none in your area

I have already discussed about the advantages of walking with someone or in a group. Any sports or exercise carried out in an organized manner is always better. Today I will discuss about how to form a walking club in your area. It is said if there anything worth doing is worth doing actively. Let you and your friends be the first to set up a walking club in your area. You will be surprised to see how many walkers will thank you for your effort.

Let’s do it systematically

You want to build up friendship among your co-walkers, give an identity, enhance security increase motivation for walking and to spread awareness of walking.

Find out if there is already a walking club in your area, is it serving its purposes.

Discuss with your friends, let the news gather momentum. Take out a flyer/handout informing first meeting of the club. Paste or pin the information in the path/ways which walkers generally prefer.

The club is for walking, walks related activity and should concentrate on that core activity.

Form a committee in the first meeting and assign responsibilies on members. Undertake a membership drive. Plan for the next sitting in the first meeting. Ask everybody to bring in a friend of his/her for the next meeting.

Start club events right away. Involve members. Make the events interesting. Like weekend walk together, walk in the midst of nature, competitive walking, charity walk etc.

Share information, track your walking progress together. Fix up walking routes, make a list of timings (which group will walk when and where).

Put emphasis on unifying factors like common T-shirt, club logo, club bulletin, bank account, regular meeting and special activities etc.

Soon you will find out how members are coming up with new suggestions and are actively involved in the club. It is a question of who will bell the cat? once you start the ball rolling the ball generally gathers momentum.

You can even seek affiliation of your walking club with national level club later on. Any worthy initiation is always humble.

Initiate and encourage walking and continue it!!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Wishes for a Happy New Year with a fitter body and mind. I made some new year resolutions for the next year with the following pwrspectives in mind.

We are very busy in today’s world. We have too many things to attend in too short time. Result we ignore many vital and important thing concerning us, most important of them all is our health. We lead a sedentary life. We do not have any energy left after we reach home from our work to do any physical exercises. We sit down in front of TV in a comfortable sofa with a drink in hand till dinner time. We eat junk food to save time or they are cheap and readily available. After a very short time we are diseased and our health is completely wrecked. Then only we think where we went wrong.

Let us confess, we were wrong in many ways. We probably can not undo all mistakes in one go. Yes, there are many places where we can still correct the mistakes. Earlier the corrective steps, earlier we recover.

Health is wealth, most of us do not take this maxim by heart. Otherwise how can we ignore/abuse our health so much? We can regain our wealth if we try again, but probably we can not restore our health to original condition even if we try too hard. But we can come back close to the original condition if we take timely actions. Exercises with good food intake are the right direction for our health.

So why wait till our health is completely gone, and we are diseased. Start today, put on your sneaker and some loose clothes and go out of your home. You will find yourself walking in no time, as walking comes naturally to us and from deep inside our system, we enjoy walking. Once you enjoy walking, you will automatically buy proper walking shoes and clothes.

If ignorance is virtue then negligence is sin.

Let start walking today.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Walking is the best exercise for seniors if you think about enormous health benefits and low physical strain involved. If the seniors are aware how to avoid some preventable feet malady, they will really enjoy walking and reap all the benefits of walking.

On the outset, seniors should consult physician/pediatricians if they have some ailment, for example heart condition, diabetes or foot problems.

Even if walking is done at a lower pace all the golden benefits of walking will be still there. It is important for the elders to set a realistic goal. One should Pace himself to an optimum level so that the body does not suffer from any strain. Make it a point to check the feet condition regularly. The walkers idioms apply to elders too “Listen to your body.”

As I have discussed time and again walking is at its best if done with some partners. A local walking club may arrange for group walking. Elderly person generally look forward to meet people, walking may give them the chance. I know few elderly gentlemen who walk in group and enjoy the time to the brim.

Elderly persons are mines of information, anecdotes, stories of their life. Walk with them, you will mostly enjoy their company. It is also our duty to devote some amount of time with the veterans of life who contributed a lot for the wellbeing of us.

Walk with elders, it will do well for both.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


“Now I have made up my mind, but I could not find a time to walk. I am too busy and have to attend lots of other jobs”. This is the excuse most of us make to ourselves when we are thinking to start walking. It is not easy to find or fix a time schedule for walking.

If you are not a morning person and hates to get up in the morning, press snooze button of your alarm clock to get few more winks. Avoid morning walk. Exercises keeps a person fit and healthy but not at the cost of your small indulgence of sleeping a little late. Choose a different time, but it should not clash with your other activities. But never keep exercise on your back seat, put in front, do it regularly.

Your children are at school, go out at that time. You will be at work at noon, choose evening. Select a time which is most convenient and comfortable to you.

Weather also plays a role in selecting the time to walk. In summer, mid afternoon time is very warm to walk and in winter, mid afternoon is the warmest to walk. Forecast of inclement weather in the evening? Walk in the morning. Walking in light rain in a warm day is one of the most enjoyable experiences.

It is not a good idea to walk in the mall when a festival, say Christmas is around the corner. It is equally bad idea to walk in unknown area early in the morning and late in the evening.

Another big question is who will walk with you at the time you selected? Probably it is always better to walk with someone.

Selection of proper time is a factor for effective walking. Many give up walking for wrong time selection. But you will also have to make sure; you get a good walk for your health and for the fun in life.

Continue walking!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


It is not always possible to walk in the open. The weather condition does not permit outdoor activities for a good part of the year. Many days of the year is too rainy, snowy, of oppressive heat and they are not inviting to walkers. Even pollution in bigger cities is also a barrier to have a good walk in the open. See weather precaution in Walking Safely-IV.

Don’t get disheartened, there are ways of walking even under roof and away from these hindrances.

Treadmill is a good piece of equipment for the bad weather and for person of very big cities. You can always hop on it and walk for miles without interruption. Many treadmills have meters where you can actually see how many miles you have walked and how much calories you have burnt. Only problem is that this piece of equipment is a bit bulky and needs some space to spare for it. But if you are a member of a gym, you can walk on it in the gym.

Another problem is that you need to motivate yourself in a different way to walk on a treadmill continuously. But walking in the open has one advantage; you will have to come back the distance you have covered if you lose your interest for walking for the day. And in the way you will regain the interest.

Malls also welcome walkers to walk in their premises. Many malls have even arrangement for walkers to hang their cloak and coats. These mall-walkers become patrons of the mall later on. A good business sense of the mall and a great benefit for the mall-walkers in the bargain.

Wherever we walk it does not matter, our aim is to get the magic figure of 10000 steps. And walking has great benefit to our health and it is really fun to live in a fit body.

So my friends, continue walking.